xDriveUnit Introduction

xDriveUnit is a tool that was developed to enable running different test scenarios using the same test class. This framework uses one or more XML configuration files to determine tests to be run, data that is needed for the test, and to set various test options. This tool leverages great testing tools like jwebunit, htmlunit, HttpUnit, and of course JUnit.

Why use xDriveUnit?

xDriveUnit allows you to do the following:

  • Organized tests into their proper class without worrying about execution order.
  • Define execution order of tests outside of the class
  • Run your test class different times with different tests being run each time without changing code and recompiling.
  • Create functional tests from your unit tests
  • Run your tests multiple times with different input data.
  • Create configuration options in your XML to modify test behavior.
  • Use web testing component with preset configuration options to cache pages, record click times, and more.