Test Decorators with XDriveUnit

Why use a Test Decorator?

A test decorator allows you to run some code before and after your test. With a test decorator, you can wrap a single test, an entire suite of tests, or another test decorator. Some examples of test decorators are measuring performance or setting up and cleaning up a database.

Step 1: Extend XDriveUnit Decorator Class

Create your test case by extending XDriveDecorator and overriding the constructor.

package com.flexiblewebsolutions.xdriveunit.extensions.test;

import junit.framework.Test;
import junit.framework.TestResult;

import com.flexiblewebsolutions.xdriveunit.XDriveDecorator;

public class Test1TestDecorator extends XDriveDecorator
    public Test1TestDecorator( Test pTest, StringBuffer pParameterData )
        super( pTest, pParameterData );

    public void run( TestResult arg0 )
        System.err.println( "Before in Test1TestDecorator" );
        super.run( arg0 );
        System.err.println( "AFTER in Test1TestDecorator" );
Within the constructor is where you will parse out any parameter data and initialize variables needed for your decorator.

Step 2: Add Decorator XML to Test Config XML

Your existing test config should be modified to include information for the decorator.